Door of the Heart Music

Robert Kelaghan


Quotes "Hosting Robert Kelaghan's Sacred Circle Workshop at Dragonfly Yoga Studio was an amazing gift for our community. The circle dance brought about compassion and deep emotions that, for some, may rarely come up to the surface. Robert created a safe and loving environment to be creative and free on each person's own level ..... + The concert in the evening was truly wonderful in every single aspect and I have received great feedback about it." Quotes
Akhila (Bonnie) Murphy
RYT Founder of Dragonfly Yoga, Penn Valley, CA

Quotes "I had such a nice time at the Workshop yesterday. What a lovely group of people gathered. The word "sweet" comes to mind. It was a safe and nurturing environment where we could all feel held and comfortable. "There was lots of good energy humming throughout the day and evening. A true sense of community. That was crucial to the bonding. We filled our hearts ........ My friend from the women's PTSD group wrote me and thanked me for bringing her. She so needed what we did and I'm glad and thankful she had the opportunity." Quotes
Timmy Giles
Satisfied Workshop Participant

Quotes "I liked your songs (on the album: 'A Tribute to Yogananda') ........ they will be well received by many people." Quotes
Roy Eugene Davis
Renowned Author & Minister; Direct Disciple of P. Yogananda

Quotes "I very much enjoyed your presentation of Sacred Circle Dancing and The Dances of Universal Peace at the SPIRITUAL SPA DAY Seminar. Your personal and easy style of leadership and musical gifts assisted our group of 40 relative strangers to relax, shed inhibitions, have fun, experience joy, learn something new, and come together in true respect and communion of spirit. It was up-lifting and full of love. Thank you" ...... Quotes
Wayne Lewis
Board of Trustees Member, UNITY-of-the-Gold Country

Quotes Robert Kelaghan's "Sacred Circle Dance" was the perfect finale to our Birth 2012 event in Grass Valley, CA. I knew I could depend on him & his music to lead the group into deeper connection with their hearts and with each other. Personally, I felt deliciously alive and full of joy ....." Sushila Mertens Quotes
Sushila Mertens
BIRTH-2012 Nevada County Coordinator, & Gather The Women

Quotes "I had the good fortune to be with a group of people singing along with Robert Kelaghan. His authenticity and depth of spirituality came through in his singing. I was joyfully transported to a sweetness, power and depth of perception. Had I, that evening, a magic remote control with the power to switch from Robert to any other renowned musician such as Deva Premal or Krishna Das, I would have never been tempted to use it as the potency of his offering was all I could have wanted." Quotes
David Kimmel
Electrical Contractor

Quotes Robert Kelaghan is a wonderful Musician and Teacher. He assisted with our Spring Retreat this year by teaching yoga classes each morning, providing musical introductions to each segment during the retreat, and conducting a wonderful ("DANCING IN THE HEART") experience for everyone on Saturday night ...... All the people who attended the yoga classes were highly complimentary about it. The songs he played were his own compositions and they set a beautiful feeling tone for each of the teaching segments. His "Dancing in the Heart" experience was easy and fun and involved everyone in a deep heart connection and succeeded in deepening our sense of community and oneness. Robert is a very heart-centered, spiritual man with amazing gifts to give. I highly recommend him for music and workshops at your Center. Quotes
Rev. Lani Howard
Sierra Center for Spiritual Living, Grass Valley, CA

Quotes "Robert has the gift of connecting each individual to their deepest heart's love and then sharing that sacred connection with others in a safe, supportive environment: The effect is powerful and long-lasting." Quotes
Therese Smith, MFT
Director / Owner: Living Tree Yoga, Santa Rosa, CA

Quotes An evening of Robert Kelaghan's music is medicine for the heart and soul ..... deep, devotional music that awakens Divine Peace and Love. Quotes
Michael Gornik

Quotes "Robert Kelaghan is an outstanding musician whose talent is based in a profound connection to Spirit. He sings from the heart, and never fails to engage the hearts of those who are fortunate enough to hear him ...... Robert is also well known as a Retreat & Workshop leader, specializing in 'Dancing in the Heart' workshops and his 'Healing Circles' music ministry ..... " Quotes
Reverend Terry Shea
Sierra Center for Positive Living