Door of the Heart Music

Robert Kelaghan


Quotes Robert Kelaghan's "The Beauty That Lives Within You" will give your heart healing wings. We love this CD ! It's going to touch the lives of many, many people. Our hearts are still soaring ..... Quotes
Joyce & Barry Vissell

Quotes This letter is written to share with you my experience of Robert Kelaghan at Unity Palo Alto Community Church & the San Jose First Church of Religious Science. I can whole heartedly recommend Robert Kelaghan for any minister or workshop leader desiring an uplifting experience. Robert's singing & leading of the dances consistently enables people to open their hearts & reconnect to the Divine within. Listeners and participants express a deeper sense of joy, contentment and love as a result of his expression. I believe all ministries and workshops would enjoy and benefit from this gifted man. Quotes
Lori Ingram
Creator & Director, Unity Singles

Quotes Robert was our musician for a 3-day Weekend Workshop. His words & music allowed us to not only join in circle dancing & singing together, but also empowered many of us to "go inside." We were able to get in touch with our deepest feelings around sensitive issues & begin to release some long embedded pain. I found myself letting go of fears that I had accumulated over the years & "opening up" to people and really joining from my heart space ..... Robert offers many gifts with his music & loving presence. He is a gift! Quotes
Lorraine Campbell
Paradise, CA. Center for Altitudinal Healing

Quotes Robert, even though it has been almost a year since you performed in the jail, the women still talk about their experience with you! You are a very loving & healing man who has a talent that is truly a gift from God. To touch the hearts & spirits of the women drug addicts behind bars like you did attests to the spiritual & playful healing gift that you have been to our program & to the nearly 200 drug addicts you worked with in the jail. Quotes
Barbara Smailey
San Mateo County Women's Correctional Center

Quotes Thank you so much for the beauty & grace you & your music brought to our Winter Retreat this year. As always, you moved all 30 participants to newer and deeper levels of love & connected--ness. The songs that you have written & sang for us helped us delve deep into the core of our hearts. My wish for the world is that everyone can experience the joy and heartfulness of your songs & dances. Quotes
Reverend Chris Smith-Flynn
Conscious Connections Community

Quotes After I left the Dance Workshop, I was inspired, uplifted and healed. Your "DANCING IN THE HEART" experience is truly a workshop of the heart. I felt my heart really opened and the love that I have was able to pour out ..... Quotes
Dr. Carolyn McKeown
Minister, Chico Church of Religious Science

Quotes Robert Kelaghan is one of the very few musicians that we call upon to assist us in our workshops, not only because of hie talent as a guitarist, singer & songwriter, but mainly because of his deep sensitivity, love and devotion. Quotes
Joyce & Barry Vissell
Authors, Workshop Leaders, THE SHARED HEART FOUNDATION

Quotes When experiencing a dark night of the soul, I flipped to Robert's "The Beauty That Lives Within You" CD which happened to be in my ipod. I had never really listened to it before. The music was very healing and inspiring for me. My heart opened to forgiveness and my body danced in love. Quotes
Dona Willoughby
Co-Owner, La'akea Community, Pahoa, Hawaii

Quotes When I hear Robert's music, it gives me a sense of peace, contentment and harmony. His words inspire me and give me hope for the future of the world. I really enjoy his arrangements and style. I could listen to his music almost any time of the day and feel at ease. Quotes
Jane Carney Schulze
Appreciative customer

Quotes Robert's song circles have a powerful quality of presence and never fail to bring me deeply inside myself, into my own heart space. His songs are masterful and melodic, and he engages his groups in a playful and sacred feeling of connection and participation. Quotes
Amara Karuna
Musician, Leader & Trainer for the "Dances of Universal Peace"
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